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Hermann Cave Kirchberg

"Keep your head down!" is the motto at Hermann's Cave northwest of Kirchberg am Wechsel. A total of eight bat species live in this cave. They can do so largely undisturbed, because Hermannshöhle has been a natural monument since 1931.

The largest dripstone cave in Lower Austria

The corridors in the cave are more than four kilometers long and extend over several floors. Hermannshöhle is a show cave and can be visited with a guided tour. In addition to a classic tour, there is also an extended version including a cyrle labyrinth and an adventure tour, where you can explore parts of the cave system that are no longer developed.

The most important bat winter quarters

Very interesting are also the types of rocks in the cave, such as deposits of mountain milk. Stalactites and stalagmites make Hermannshöhle the largest stalactite cave in Lower Austria.

Guided tour season: from May to November.

Details regarding entrance fees can be found on the homepage www.hermannshoehle.at.

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Verschiedene Fledermausarten in der Hermannshöhle
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Hermannshöhle Kirchberg

Herr Lorenz Mrkos


2880 Kirchberg am Wechsel

Telefon: +43 2641 2326

E-Mail: info@hermannshoehle.at

Website: http://www.hermannshoehle.at

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